Bandini Braun SO

Водонагрівач Bandini Braun SO

Код товара: 107020 Виробник: Bandini

горизонтальний монтаж, захисний анод

Код Артикул Параметри Ціна, грн
107020 SE0050C2OR152 Bandini Braun SO 50 2кВт 50л водонагрівач горизонтальний 2kW 50л 510×460mm
107022 SE0080C2OR152 Bandini Braun SO 80 2кВт 80л водонагрівач горизонтальний 2kW 80л 700×460mm
107023 SE0100C2OR152 Bandini Braun SO 100 2кВт 100л водонагрівач горизонтальний 2kWт 100л 805×460mm

Steel Sheet - Hot rolled pickled UNI EN 10025-10111-5867 Fe P 13 steel thickness 18/10.

Cold rolled low carbon steel flt products Fe P03 UNI EN 10130/10131 thickness 6/10.

Epoxy powder-color: White Plain Shine for house appliances

Replaceable anode. Titanium glass enamelled 300 microns cooked in oven 850°C.

1/2” BRASS Non Return Pressure Relief Valve comply with UNIEN 12165 CW617N. To protect the water heater from internal overpressure more over to limit the blackflw of hot water into the feed pipe.

Polyurethane insulation 20mm.

Working Pressure: 8 bar.
Tested Pressure: 16 bar.
Service Acces: Reomvable acces flnge typewith 5 bolts for maintenance purpose, inner flnge outer diameter 121 mm - inner diameter 72mm.
Heating Elements: IMMERSION TYPE with flnge connection, COPPER faced heat resistant plastic base. Heating element made of nickel chromium wire embedded in mg oxide and sheathed in copper tube.
Thermostat: Temperature control adjustable immersion thermostat with bi-metallic safety control (automatic) high temperature limit. Setting of temperature: 49-72°C. Setting of safety (with manual reset): 85°C.
Wall Bracket: Wall bracket for horizontal water heaters. Rounding high sensivity thermometer.
230 V / 1Phase / 50Hz.

Bandini Braun SO
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