Every installer who buys gas boilers of TM “Fondital”, “Nova Florida” through regional official dealers can take part in this promotion. Points will be awarded for the purchase of boilers according to the accounting table for models and types of boilers. It is possible to receive gifts for each purchase or accumulate points and choose gifts from the brand from the catalog of prizes. The prize fund includes a large selection of branded clothing, professional uniforms, branded accessories of TM “Fondital”, “Nova Florida” and tools for assemblers and installers. All installers who purchase TM “Fondital”, “Nova Florida” gas boilers from the Italian manufacturer, only through official regional dealers in the period from 01.08.22 to 31.12.22, participate in the promotion. The scheme of accrual of points is based on obtaining points when buying any boiler of TM “Fondital”, “Nova Florida”. Points are awarded depending on the type of equipment. There are options to receive a gift with the purchase of each boiler, or to choose prizes at the end of purchases. To accumulate points, the number of all purchased boilers is taken into account. The points for each model are counted and summed up in the total amount of points. According to the final amount of accumulated points, the client can choose any gifts from the promotional gift catalog. The obtained points for each installer are calculated by the official regional dealer from which the installer buys his boilers. The calculation is carried out according to the table of points for the action.

Група котлів

Nova Florida


К-сть балів за 1 котел




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2 бали


Delfis Condensing

Antea Condensing

3 бали

Virgo Condensing

Formentera Condensing

Orion Condensing

Itaca Condensing

Leo Condensing

Tenorife Condensing


Itaca Condensing CH

5 балів

Phoenix / Pegasus / Giava Condensing

Receiving gifts
Gifts can be obtained from an official regional dealer who sold boilers to you in his store. The gift is issued immediately when making a purchase from the available assortment, or it is issued for ordering and receiving from the manufacturer. When ordering a certain gift from the promotion catalog, it will be delivered from the factory to the official regional dealer who ordered it, and handed to the installer by the regional dealer at the next meeting. In any case, it is possible to receive gifts only at the place of purchase of TM “Nova Florida” equipment. The official regional dealer calculates and monitors your points for each purchase, and orders gifts to receive from the manufacturer of TM “Nova Florida” and reward its customers. The promotion is valid until December 31, 2022. Before this date, it is necessary to complete all purchases of gas boilers, and order all the necessary gifts for yourself from the official dealer of TM “Fondital”, “Nova Florida”, from which you bought gas boilers on a promotion. A list of gifts to choose from and give to installers who purchased boilers from an official regional dealer will be placed in each sales point on posters and information booklets. Processing of results and awarding of prizes will take place during the entire period of the promotion from 01.08 to 31.12.2022, according to the shipped and paid goods, according to the accounting department in the report of regional partners on the list of gift orders, and the number of gas boilers TM “Fondital”, “Nova” sold by them Florida”. Points for tender purchases are not counted!